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boothx the new generation Lead Retrieval App

What is Lead Retrieval Application?

A lead retrieval app is a mobile application that allows exhibitors or organization attending tradeshows to capture and  manage leads or contacts at trade shows, conferences, or other events. These apps are designed to replace traditional paper-based methods of collecting contact information or device based QR code scanner from attendees.

Features of boothX

  • It allows marketers standing at the event booth to capture leads using iOS/Android mobile app

  • Leads can be captured by scanning QR Code or scanning business card

  • Send documents related to your products or services while capturing leads

  • Capture expenses associated with tradeshows or events.

  • The team members attending the tradeshows can scan their bills and associate it with event in real time and at the end of the event send all expenses with summary and bill on a button click

  • Dashboard to view the performance of the tradeshows

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