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1. Get Started with boothX

Get started with boothX

2. Create Your First Event

  • Traverse to Events page by clicking Events on navigation bar.

  • Click CREATE EVENT button on top right corner. 

  • Provide details for the event

    • Event Name

    • Address for the event

    • Event start date

    • Event end date

    • preferred expense currency i.e. currency in which expenses will be recorded. You can select multiple currencies.

  • ​Invite users from the team to access the event on the mobile app and capture leads at the event.

  • Upload documents associated with product/services to be showcase at the event. 

  • Configure an email template specific to the event that will be sent to each captured lead thus creating an immediate touch point with the prospective customers.

Configure Event Details

3. Showcase Content

  • Reduce cost of your marketing collaterals by uploading all documents for your product/services such as

    • brochures​

    • data sheets

    • case studies

    • white paper

    • features

  •  These materials can be shared by sales/marketing representatives at the booth with the users visiting your booth at the event.

Showcase Content

4. Capture Leads

  • Use iOS/Android mobile app to access the event. 

  • Sales/Marketing members can capture lead in multiple ways

    • Scan the QR code of the tradeshow/event or

    • Scan the business card or

    • Manually by adding all data

  • They can add additional notes, rate interest levels, and choose which documents to send to each lead.

  • The app is designed to function offline, ensuring seamless lead capturing regardless of connectivity.

Capture Leads

5. Manage Expenses

  • Expenses can be tracked through both web and mobile app

  • The marketing/sales manager can add top level expenses  along with the bills such as

    • Event Fees​

    • Traveling

    • booth setup cost

    • shipping cost

    • print cost

    • goodies

  • The sales/marketing representative can add their expenses through mobile app such as

    • food ​

    • local travel

  • The bills associated with each expenses can be scanned by the app and uploaded​

  • At the end of the event the sales/marketing representative can send the consolidated expenses along with submitted proof of expenses such as bills

Manage Expenses

6. Real-Time Tracking

  • Real time dashboard provides overview of the tradeshows such as 

    • Total leads generated by sales/marketing person​

    • Total expenses category wise

  • The marketing/sales manager can export the leads in excel format. The downloaded excel file can be uploaded to the organization CRM

Real-time Tracking

How to use boothX

Follow the 6 step process to utilise the boothX to streamline lead capturing, expense management, and gain valuable event analytics

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